Food Bank FAQ

iCARE Food Bank FAQ

This is all you need to know about our food bank scheme

What is iCARE Food Bank?

It is an initiative of iCare Foundation of Hon. Babajimi Benson. The iCare Food Bank is a nonprofit charitable organization that buys food and grocery products and redistributes the items in a bag called ‘AAPO AANU or ‘MERCY BAG’ to individuals and vulnerable families in need within Ikorodu Federal Constituency.

Is the Food Bank for everyone?

No. The Food Bank is for a select set of vulnerable/needy people in our community i.e, elderly, Widow, Unemployed, Single Parents.

How are beneficiaries selected?

Beneficiaries are nominated by Churches, Mosques, CDA/CDC, Disabled Association and iCARE Membership.

Do you use any criteria in the selection of Beneficiaries?

Yes we do. We work to ensure that each beneficiary fits the pre-determined criteria set out by the ICARE foundation, by first educating the various groups that provides us with the beneficiaries on the need to strictly adhere to our set criteria.

Is Rice the only Food in the APO AANU Bag?

No. The APO AANU bag contains a variety of other nutritional food items.

Is this a onetime donation to the beneficiaries?

No. Each beneficiary is entitled to one AAPO AANU per month for 3 months, after which we will bring in another set of recipients for the same period.

Can anyone come to the food bank?

Bags will not be given to any to walk-ins because we follow our agreed selection process strictly.

Isn’t this Stomach Infrastructure?

No. The beneficiaries are unknown to us and with no particular political party affiliation a d the initiative is not one- off.

What are you doing to ensure only the needy get your Food Bags?

We are aware that we may not be able to totally prevent this but we vet all our beneficiaries. Our outreach officers will constantly investigate our beneficiaries to weed out the unqualified ones.

How do I contact you for suggestion, participation, advise

You can reach us via email or call us on 08180777175 or visit our constituency office at Plot 48, Ebute Igbogbo Road, Ikorodu Lagos State. (Beside Sholebo Gate on Ebute Igbogbo Road)